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We offer services which include:  

  • Progress Support Consultancy – Promoting independence, health and wellbeing.

  • Employment Support - Creating work opportunities and solutions


Our aim’s are:

  • To increase independence, confidence and capabilities.

  • To reduce social isolation.

  • To improve mental and physical health and well-being

  • To continually better our own health, wellbeing and knowledge, in order to provide you with the best possible service.

  • To have the ability to positively change perceptions around hidden disabilities and difficulties.

  • To provide employers with the most up to date tools, resources and training to help their employees

         with learning and social disabilities become more confident, capable and cost effective.

  • To help create more inclusive, diverse, positive and productive workplaces.

  • To achieve long lasting outcomes which have a positive effect in the world we live in.

  • To have a wide range of forward thinking employers, who trust and choose us as a free reliable recruitment agency.

  • To help people who may otherwise be overlooked in the working society a suitable sustainable career.

  • To provide a long lasting quality service, which uses the most up to date research based preventative and supportive measures,

        to help positively improve quality of lives, which also saves our public purse in the long run.

  • To adhere to all known acts, policies and procedures which are supportive towards safeguarding vulnerable adults, equality, diversity and health and safety.


About us..

  • We take the stress and worry away from employers who want to give someone with additional support needs a chance in work,

        but may be concerned that they don’t have the skills, time or resources to do so.

  • We work impartially with both employers and employees to identify realistic solutions to difficulties around social and learning developments.

  • We support with implementing any reasonable adjustments, reducing any risks and reviewing progress as well as setting realistic goals.

  • We only work with forward thinking employers and employees who are motivated to do well and strive to achieve positive results.

  • We help shift mind sets to become more positive and forward thinking around learning and social difficulties

  • We use actual not predicted findings and feedback from our in depth up to date assessments to coach people to develop and move forward.

  • We believe no one should be isolated because of their difference or disability

  • We believe society is moving towards positively promoting diversity and inclusivity around hidden disabilities.

  • We believe in not forgetting about gratitude and appreciation, we do try to celebrate and share positive outcomes as much as possible.

  • We believe a Neurodiverse workplace serves a competitive advantage to an employer, employing Neurodiverse staff encourages unique ideas and ways of working.

Progress support logo Employment Support Logo


“Created from fear, powered by passion, driven with hope.”


Created from fear:


My son struggled speaking, avoided social integration and eye contact, was far too loud, had severe sensory issues, eating problems, anxiety, concentration and sleep issues along with routine based obsessions.


I often found him sitting rocking backwards and forwards in the corner of the room with his hands over his ears or head down walking backwards and forwards humming loudly, whilst flapping his hands or hitting his stomach repeatedly. He massively struggled with change, he often used to stimm, scream and hit out.


I was scared, lonely and so confused.


The day I was told he had autism filled me massively with fear and the following questions:


Would my son be able to live a happy, independent, fun filled life? Or would he end up socially isolated, bullied, never work, never have a partner or be able to live independently?


These questions haunted me. I dropped everything I was doing and decided that I needed to get to know and support my son the best I could, I swiftly ran away from my life, and went travelling with my little boy.


Fuelled by Passion:


I was adamant back then and continue to be adamant now that I will find the solutions needed to suppress my own fears and therefore the fears of others.


I have travelled a long way in the years since - dedicating my life to this very cause.


I am so proud to say that my son has overcome all of his earlier difficulties, together we worked tirelessly to find, adapt and use various coping strategies.


Driven by hope:


Our hopes and values are what drive us to better not only ourselves but those who we are privileged to influence and support.


I always held (and still) hold on strongly to hope, that my son will go on to lead an independent, fulfilling life, but I also wish that for every person I meet.


I believe no one should have to suffer in the eyes of difference - due to lack of support, education or forethought.


After years of research, testing and developing new strategies along with a great team around me, I am so proud to share with you all, the following Doncaster based service; which has been created from fear, is fuelled with passion and is continually driven with hope. Our aim is simply to create a more independent & inclusive society


Jenny x



Employment Support Ltd


Photo below is my son aged 3 (when he was diagnosed) he’s now 14.