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Please see below some amazing stories from real case studies.


Daniel Fox is an adult living with ASD and Dyslexia. After years of struggling in regards to work, Employment Support have given Daniel the tools to gain meaningful employment, through an apprenticeship programme in catering. Daniel spent years upon years frustrated, getting knock back, after knock back, after knock back from so many employers. Daniel is now in a position of strength and independence, something that many with his condition give up hope on.


In a recent mentoring session with one of our specialist job coaches, Daniel was asked if he feels proud of himself. Daniel felt that he was proud, but had a difficult time admitting this, due to societies expectations of him being so low that he could never work in his life if he didn’t want to. Daniel is part of the 15% with ASD that have managed to be in paid work, that is excluding the additional difficulties from dyslexia. The knock backs that Daniel has faced could have meant that he would have had to almost certainlygive up by now, if it wasn’t for Employment support.


Daniels mum, Alison Fox stated this:


‘Employment Support has given Daniel an apprenticeship opportunity which Daniel loves. Daniel receives one to one support which ensures he learns at his pace. He is comfortable in his work place and his confidence is growing. Daniel enjoys his job and feels valued and fully supported with every aspect of his well being and apprenticeship role.’


Daniel is now doing a diploma in hospitality and has several months experience. Daniel first worked in a live kitchen at the Mayflower Bar and Eatery. Since this, Employment Support have aided Daniel in finding a new work-place closer to his home. Daniel now works at Best Western’s Mount Pleasant, who provide an extremely friendly, professional and inclusive work-place. Daniel has been trained up by a top chef who is also a qualified Job Coach. Additionally, Daniel has regular 1-1 mentoring by our Psychologist Job Coach. Daniel truly has all the support in place to thrive as his apprenticeship and further paid work continues.


While working on this apprenticeship Daniel has shown determination, enthusiasm and is an incredibly reliable member of staff. As stated, Daniel had goals of employment, but due to his difficulties resulting from his ASD Dyslexia and unhelpful societal expectations, the goals were starting to look inconceivable. Employment Support has changed Daniels life, and will keep working tirelessly towards Daniels bright future.

Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox


Rachel Gill, diagnosed with a Learning Disability.


Rachel proudly waves the ability within disability’s flag  having worked for her employer now for over 9 years.


"I was off work with depression, I felt like I couldn't go back to work, the stress of going back to where my condition started was overwhelming. I struggled even stepping foot into the building to hand in my sick note, I would have a full blown panic attack each time. I was at rock bottom not knowing which way to turn when I found Employment Support.


My Job Coach Jenny Candler gave me the strength to even consider going back into work, she really listened to me and understood the barriers I faced.


Unfortunately my health took a turn for the worse and I was rushed into hospital, I needed emergency surgery. This meant I needed longer off work and was worried I could be made redundant. Jenny reassured me throughout this ordeal and kept communicating with my manager Ben. With Ben, Jenny supported me to get a job at another store for a fresh start doing shifts that were suitable for me and the store. I was really anxious going back into work and I requested Jenny come with me for the first few shifts. Jenny helped me feel at ease and supported me with getting to know the store.


Because of my learning disability I found locating things in the store difficult, Jenny put an easy to read store plan together, which the store continued to use. Jenny also put together an employment support plan for my new employer, this explains how my disabilities show themselves and explains what helps me, it also tells them what I am good at and what I enjoy doing.


Employment Support helped me return to work quicker, where years on I still remain. I am really grateful for their support and would highly recommend them to anyone.


If you ever need support Jenny is the one I would turn too. I am still in work and still enjoying my job, Just knowing that if I ever face any difficulties in work Jenny will be there to support me, gives me the confidence and reassurance I need."

Rachel Gill

Rachel Gill