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Employment Support Ltd “Creating Independent and *Neurodiverse workplaces”

Creating supported work opportunities and solutions for individuals with learning, social or *neurodiverse disabilities,

to support with integration, independence, efficiency, cost effectiveness and equality.

*neurodiverse is a new term in a forever changing and more inclusive society.

This put simply means that everyone has different brains and ways of thinking,

and that we all have strengths and weaknesses.


We promote equality in the fairest of senses, by ensuring that each employee and employer’s needs are met where possible,

we offer the following supportive actions.:

  • Advertising support for people looking for work

  • Recruitment for businesses

  • Work Assessments

  • Job Coaching support

  • Mentoring Support

  • Communication & Social Support

  • Emotional Support and Strategies

  • Goal Setting

  • Reasonable Adjustments  

  • Time Management

  • Theory Work Support

  • Risk Assessments

  • Travel Support

  • Intervention support

  • Neurodiversity training


“We help increase independence in work and we fade out our mentoring and job coaching support in accordance to each of our clients work based development, providing employers with a confident, capable, reliable staff member.”



Advertising support for people looking for work

we help with creating one page profiles which can accompany CV’s. One page profiles are designed to provide employers with a clearer understanding of strengths and areas of support needs, this will entice the more supportive of employers who are wanting to support with disability inclusion. These one page profiles can be shared on our media pages and website, subject to conditions.  


Recruitment for businesses

We help forward thinking employers and businesses who want to provide an opportunity to someone with a social or learning disability, within their business.

Our services demonstrate a high quality of support to the standards expected of a recruitment agency, ensuring that your business needs are fully listened to and catered for.


Work Assessments

Our work assessments are in depth and thorough, we identify areas of difficulties with precision and plan our support around these.


Job Coaching support

Designed around the support needs of each person, Job Coaching is usually 1:1 support in work, which fades out in accordance with individual development.

We use structured intervention and feedback techniques to support the employee in learning and performing jobs, to the employer’s satisfaction. Where needed, we help to develop any necessary interpersonal skills.

Areas of personal strengths and weaknesses become apparent early on with our Job Coaching monitoring and support, these are based on actual not predicted or simulated findings. Immediate feedback, assistance and reviews are provided throughout.

Employers are able to observe and monitor their employee’s progress without the additional time allocation required for additional support needs, Our Job Coaches will learn the job role and assist in training the individual, ensuring that they are progressing to the necessary standards required.

We can also offer a discrete service and pride ourselves on being open, impartial, realistic, honest and fair.  

In addition to job-site training, our Job Coaches create, monitor and evaluate personalised plans and assessments, designed to support with personal developments, both inside and outside of work.  


Mentoring Support

Mentoring support helps for a 6 hours a week or less (depending on individual needs). We support with the following actions which are designed to increase independence, health, wellbeing, confidence, and efficiency, all of which help with sustaining meaningful employment:


Practical Support

Help with finding any skill gaps and support with any needs around practical and learning developments.


Time Management

Support with planning, preparation along with changing routines and attitudes if necessary to better timekeeping and attendance.


Theory work

Help with apprenticeship paperwork, report writing, exam preparation, note taking and any other written work.


Risk Assessments

We help identify and reduce any potential risks by creating in depth thorough risk assessments which are uniquely personalised and reviewed as necessary.  


Travel Support

Helps to make sure that people get to and from work safely and efficiently.  Our support may include applications for funding taxi’s to and from work, or getting one to one travel training.


Intervention support

When difficulties in work arise families and support networks naturally want to help, especially when their family member has a learning or social difficulty. This also applies when their family member is starting a new job or changing roles, the fear of them being misunderstood, or not coping can be a real worry.

We have found that employers would rather deal directly with their employee’s, to support both their relationship as well as promote their employee’s independence, despite them having a disability. We also have found employees can lack the confidence to speak up, therefore we help with bridging this gap. This prevents any frustrations or mis- communication from occurring, helping to build stronger working relationships.


Emotional Support

We understand that people generally like to solve their emotional needs independently and asking for help or recognising unhelpful thinking patterns, can be both challenging and difficult to deal with. We have and we openly provide an extensive list of coping strategies. These are designed to help strengthen and control varying emotional states.

Sometimes finding the right coping strategy can take time, we work with both employers and employees to ensure that there is understanding and support in place, for when or if this does happen.


Communication & Social Support

We support with overcoming social/communication issues through setting realistic personal goals which are closely monitored, reviewed and amended regularly along with awareness and training. We work closely with autism specialists, teachers, counsellors and psychologists to overcome barriers around social reciprocity.


Goal setting

We assist in setting and reaching realistic personal goals around employment. These are designed to help provide a sense of purpose, pride and help with self-motivation.


Reasonable adjustments

Often it is only small changes which make working life more achievable, happier and healthier. We help with identifying various reasonable adjustments, which are beneficial for all parties. We offer help with planning, implementing, reviewing and amending any reasonable adjustments. We also support with funding applications for equipment if required.


Neurodiversity training

‘Neurodiversity’ is a new term in a forever changing and more inclusive society. This put simply means that everyone has different brains and ways of thinking, and that we all have strengths and weaknesses. A prime example of this is that someone with Autism may struggle socially, yet have an unfathomable eye for detail that would give many employers a competitive advantage. As an example, large companies such as Microsoft now intentionally include ‘neuroatypical’ employees, this is one of the many reasons behind their success as it provides unique and diverse ways of thinking.


For enquiries on our full staff training, including how your workplace can be more understanding, inclusive and ‘neurodiverse’, please get in contact with us.

This is for the benefit of all staff members, and complies with The Equality Act (2010).  


If you would like to access this support you need to have a diagnosed disability, be in work and be in a position where you can physically work or do an apprenticeship.

Additionally, you may be a disability/neurodiversity inclusive employer, wanting to help make a positive difference to our society.

Please contact Jenny Candler on 07802325616 or email

Employment Support Doncaster