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Progress Support Consultancy: Promoting Independence, health and wellbeing.


Progress Support provides people the necessary tools and knowledge to live a happier, healthier more independent life.

we help with the following supportive actions:  

  • Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

  • Social Integration

  • Social Communication, Guidance and Support

  • Life Skills

  • Financial Support

  • Transitional Support for Family’s and Support Networks

  • Travel Support

  • Applications to Work

  • Interview Preparation and Support

  • In Work Support

  • Health and Well-being Support


Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

Support in creating a realistic action plan with realistic targets, helping to overcome any emotional or personal barriers.              


Social Integration

Help identify social integration opportunities, offer training and guidance around how to socialise more effectively, also help with identifying personal barriers and creating/achieving personal goals around social inclusion.  Support with understanding social behaviours and attitudes. Support with initiating social contact and social activities, then fade out support to ensure each client is able to participate in social activities independently where and when possible.  


Social Communication, Guidance and Support

We offer training to families, groups or offer one to one support. Our bespoke training is designed to aid and support increased capabilities with social interaction and awareness.


Life Skills

We support with ensuring people have the opportunity to build the skills needed to be able to live as independently as possible.


Financial Support

Help with budgeting, planning and saving.


Transitional Support for Family’s and Support Networks

Ensuring that parents/carers/partners/friends are listened to and included in the support process (if possible, appropriate and required).  


Travel Support

Helping to make sure that people get to and from where they need to, safely, help with building confidence and ability to self-travel.


Applications to Work

We provide information about where to best search and how to best apply for jobs, to helping create or update a CV. We also help with writing cover and supporting letters as well as any other information needed.


Interview Preparation and Support

We help with interview preparation, advice around self-image, how to get to your interview stress free, what to expect and what to ask at your interview, help with confidence building. We can offer a variety of methods to help overcome nerves and anxiety and we can also attend interviews if needed.


In Work Support – Please see our Employment Support Service


Health and Well-being Support

Support with providing different options to better support and boost mental and physical health. We are fantastic at creating personalised plans and educating around health and well-being. We are also quick to pin point barriers and help people overcome them.



We charge £35 per hour to use our service or you may be eligible for support funding if you have a diagnosed learning or social disability.

To check if you are eligible for funding please contact the Adult Contact Team on 01320 737391 and request a care act assessment, once you have completed this assessment you will know whether you are eligible for a personal budget, you can then go on to request support from us using your personal budget.

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